Friday, March 14, 2008

The Rapture must be upon us!

The NY Times has a piece in the Home and Garden section concerning a Mr Tom Judson who makes his living flipping houses in upstate New York, ie, buying cheap, dumpy houses and fixing them up to sell at a profit. Nothing unusual about this; thousands of people do this and make a nice living off of it, or at least use it as a source of additional income.

But what's amazing about this story, is that Tom Judson is known to a certain audience of homo-erotically inclined men, as porn star Gus Mattox, a unique find of the early 2000's largely due to the fact that: 1)Prior to his successful adult film career, Mr Judson was a New York actor with considerable stage success both on and off Broadway, and not just as an actor. He's also a talented musical composer who scored Whit Stillman's film, "Metropolitan" in 1990. 2)He was 43 when he made his first porn video, for director Chi Chi LaRue, a rather advanced age for a neophyte porn studlet, and Mr Judson/Mattox, while possessed of a tight, firm muscular body, is not your average porn beauty. He's looks less like your average male mannequin and more like your best friend from college, possessed with an average Joe mug and sugar bowl ears, a devilish grin and a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow. Yet, his offbeat looks, hot body and unique acting ability made Judson/Mattox a popular porn star for a few years, making a dozen features for major directors and earning the equivalent of the porno Oscar as "performer of the year" in 2006. Judson retired his Gus Mattox persona last year, not wanting to linger too long in a field where most performes earn the bulk of their income by erotic dancing or escort work. After working on remodeling his own home, he gradually began buying other cheap properties and fixing them up to sell at a profit and now devotes himself fulltime to his new business enterprise, which he named Acme Housing.

It's pretty amazing that the the prissy old Times is running a story about an ex-porn star, even one with an Uptown/Downtown artsy pedigree. But what cracks me up most in the piece, is how they refer to the legendary director, Chi Chi LaRue, who discovered Judson:
After he met Ms. LaRue in a Minneapolis bar during the “42nd Street” tour in late 2002, and later did a test scene in Los Angeles, he decided to trade in the nonstop travel of his theater career for what he saw as the more settled life of making porn.

The New York Times has obviously, at some point, had to sit down and make an editorial decision on how to refer to drag performers in print! Either that, or they're not aware of the gender of Chi Chi, (who's a drag queen but not a transvestite; he doesn't direct in drag.) After re-reading the article, I'm guessing that the writer, Nathan LUMP, didn't have a clue as to the gender. It seems like he purposely avoids any issue of gender when discussing Chi Chi.

Obviously, this is yet another sign of the approaching Armageddon.

The picture is from Tom Judson's website, which you should check out; he's a talented and witty writer:
That link takes you to the main page where you can choose to view one of his three sites; one for the porn, one for his home flipping business and a general site. Obviously, the porn one has some images on it that are NSFW, but it's not your typical porn star site; it's tasteful.

Here's the link to the NY Times article:

Oh, and I first heard about this on Towleroad.

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