Monday, August 11, 2008

Cornhusker wrestling sex scandal!

This humpy little dude, Paul Donahoe, is a 5'5", 125lb NCAA champion wrestler at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who in his spare time decided to moonlight as a model at the gay, x-rated website posing for pictures and doing a solo jack-off video. He disguised his identity by using the pseudonym, "Nash". You can get all the gory details at and see the NSFW photos at

Of course, being from Nebraska and having attended UNL (briefly) and appreciating tight, muscular wrestling bods I find the entire story to be endlessly fascinating, but I do have a do those "straight" athletes find themselves on these websites? I'm guessing that some of them are, of course, not very straight and find them on their own and jump in with great enthusiasm. But, for the ones who actually ARE primarily heterosexual, what's the process? Are there talent scouts lurking around the edges of college-level sporting events? Do websites/magazines/video companies sending out mass e-mailings to every humpy wrestler, swimmer, diver and gymnist in the country? Or is it by word of mouth; a buddy or a buddy of a buddy says, one night in the back of a bar or in the lockerroom while changing clothes, "Hey, wanna earn some extra money and have fun doing it? No one will ever know..."

And they say yes, even though in this day and age, someone WILL eventually know that "Nash" the hunky, big-dicked stud on who looks EXACTLY like NCAA wrestler Paul Donahoe IS actually Paul Donahoe. Do they think that no one in Lincoln, Nebraska or at UNL or anyone who follows college wrestling ever looks at a site like that? Are they dumb, or just young and horny and greedy, or just hoping to get caught?

Or all of the above?

And how does a 5'5" man keep that large of a penis erect without passing out?

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