Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Po' Mr Poe...

Under his new pseudonym, Hubert Cumberdale, Mr Poe has been swatted down like a pesky gnat on this very dull Gawker post which seems to be about some Gawker writer/insider and her hatred of ugly ass Talbots clothing. Slog can be pretty navel-gazey and dull at times but I don't think they've stooped to the depths of this banality, and if they had, it was probably pretty short and sweet... here's the link and down below some quotes from the site: http://gawker.com/tag/crossovers/?i=5025542&t=talbots-career+wear-only-looks-good-on-jessica-joffe#c6701709

Hubert Cumberdale at 05:26 PM
People who rip on Sheila should be forced to asphyxiate themselves. Jezebel is just a click away, you dolts

karion at 05:39 PM
@Hubert Cumberdale: Step aside, nephew. This is way too insidery for you. You have no idea how much Sheila should be fired.

Hubert Cumberdale at 05:44 PM
I'm scared of saying something now. Riddled with fear and trepidation, I'll settle with this: snniiiiiiiiiiiiiff.

I do feel sorry for Mr Poe. Being a tiny minnow in the big Gawker Media pond can be traumatic...and humorous to those of us content to be middle size minnows in middle sized ponds...


Mr. Poe said...

Was that you on the 550 yesterday? It looked like you. I'm pretty sure it was you. I don't know why it'd be you. But I think it was. Ja?!

Stop feeling sorry for me. It's totally gay. I'm a big boy.

michael strangeways said...

oh, Poe...

550? is that a bus or some sort of drug euphemism that you young folks use now? Whatevuh it was, I wasn't on it...I was on the 5, 26, and 8 yesterday, like I am nearly every week day.

how big?

Mr. Poe said...

Ask any silver fox you run into on the Hill.