Thursday, January 31, 2008

I love this picture sooooooo much!

I wish I knew who took it to give them proper credit...I found it on some random site. (If anyone knows who took this, let me know). It's funny I've never run across it before; it really is a great picture. Divine looks so....confident and sassy and ready to eat Mick. And we're so used to seeing Jagger looking cocky in pictures and video that it's pretty funny to see him looking so....wary and unsure of the situation he's in.

Yes, it's the most maddening show on television, veering

between brilliant and pointless but there's always one strong reason to watch LOST which returns tonite with 8 new episodes...

This is Party of Five era Matthew Fox, but it's the hottest picture I can find. Sadly, he hasn't made a film for Joe Gage yet.

And I'm NOT going to make any lewd comments about the creamy 'stache...

I'll just think them quietly to myself.

I find this hard to believe...

Stars Pressure TV Shows to Nix Ledger Drug Video
ET, 'Insider' Won't Air Video of Deceased Actor After Calls From Publicists, Celebrities

Actors Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Brolin and Ellen Page called producers at sister TV shows owned by CBS Paramount to request the full video not be aired Thursday after a teaser was shown Wednesday night, a source close to the stars told ABC

I got this originally from Defamer, but the quote is from:

No offense to those actors, but do they really have the power to do this? At best, they're A- listers. I could see it happening if it were Pitt/Clooney/Jolie/Gyllenhaal/Witherspoon level people doing it. I can't see Paramount backing down for Princess Amidala and Carrie Bradshaw, god love'em...
Maybe they're the only ones to go on the record? Or maybe the Osmonds objected; lately ET/Insider have been seriously crawling up their ass. During Dancing with the Stars, D&M were on EVERY night for two months. Who knew Donnie and Marie welded so much power?

Anyway, I'm glad ET/Insider dumped this. It was tasteless and sensationalizing and not necessary. I don't think it's a shock to most of the free world that some young Hollywood types hang out with each other and do drugs. For that matter, a lot of NON-Hollywood types in their twenties in Dallas, and Albany and Topeka hang out and do drugs with each other; it's just the folks in those places tend to party with cheaper varieties of drugs.

Now, if we could get Josh Brolin and Ellen Page to kidnap Pat O'Brien and Mary Hart and lock them up in torture cages, all would be right with the world...

NOTE: if Pat O'Brien actually had a bod like the one in the photo, he'd almost be fuckable...almost.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This could be good, but period comedies don't usually do well...

and isn't Clooney a bit long in the tooth to play a professional football player? He's old enough to be John Krasinski's dad!

Oh, I did learn something today that I didn't know...

Alan Bates was Bi-sexual...somehow that piece of gay history had slipped under my radar; either that, or he wasn't famous enough in this country to be much gossiped about. Apparently, he had many public and long relationships with women, but he also had some significant gay relationships including UK celebrities like ice skater John Curry and actor Peter Wyngarde. I've always liked Bates as an actor, and in his salad days, he was definitly very tasty. And he'll always be remembered for his erotic, fireside nude wrestling scene with Oliver Reed in "Women in Love".

I'm not posting much today; I'm tired!

I went to Septieme last night for a friend's birthday and had yummy Vanilla Lemon Drops and Schweinschnitzel served by the fabulous Rodney, then, when I got home I stayed up to midnight reading the last Eric Larson book, Thunderstuck, about the Crippen murder case and the invention of the Marconi wireless which I bought last night at Bailey/Coy when I got a birthday present (No Country for Old Men) for my friend. I'm sooooo tired today, and sick of the cold weather. I would much rather be at home reading my book and curled up in my big armchair with a cat on my lap...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This makes me insanely happy....

After last summer's Woody Woodpecker success, Universal will bring out The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoons Collection: Volume Two on April 15th. The three-disc set will contain 75 vintage Walter Lantz cartoons, completely uncut and as originally seen in theatres, including 45 Woody Woodpecker cartoons from 1952-1958. Universal also has welcome news with the release of a new wave of its Cinema Classics series on April 22nd, subtitled Screwball Comedies. Titles will be Easy Living (1937, with Jean Arthur), The Major and the Minor (1942, with Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland), Midnight (1939, with Claudette Colbert), and She Done Him Wrong (1933, with Mae West).
--Barrie Maxwell/Classic Coming Attractions at The Digital Bits Website. (

NO, not the part about fucking Woody Woodpecker; I hate that noisy, ugly motherfucker...the joyous news concerns the DVD release of 4 great screwballish comedies from the 30's and early 40's. Easy Living has a script by Preston Sturges and Midnight was written by Billy Wilder and Charlie Brackett and both these films were directed by the under-rated Mitch Leisen. The Major and the Minor is Billy Wilder's FIRST American film he directed and while I'm less crazy about the Mae West film, (isn't it already on DVD?), it's nice to see that Universal has finally gotten off it's ass to release these great films from it's Paramount catalogue. Now, they just need to release Wilder's SECOND film, Five Graves to Cairo, some more Leisen films, but especially Hold Back the Dawn, (another Billy Wilder script) and Lubitsch's Bluebeards Eighth Wife (yet another Wilder script) and I'd be a pretty happy camper.

The pictures are of Ginger Rogers, who has to pretend she's a kid in The Major and the Minor, (for 1942, it's a pretty dirty movie; lots of innuendo) and what I'm guessing to be a Spanish or Italian poster for Midnight.

Last portrait of Heath Ledger

On his last visit to his native Australia in December, Heath Ledger sat for a portrait by artist Vincent Fantauzzo. Fantauzzo released this image early with the approval of Ledger’s family, as he had planned to submit it for the Archibald Prize this year.
from the Juxtapoz website:

Local "Bag Painter" Chris Crites...

featured on Juxtapoz and has a show in Milwaukee, WI that starts February 1st at Paper Boat Gallery.

Here's Chris's website:

BAST at Leonard Street Gallery/London in a show called "Booby Trap"

Brooklyn based street artist by Chris Osburn from the Juxtapoz website:

Some good collage...Kyle Goderwis

TITLE: She Took the Midnight Train, mixed media, 22"x28"

ARTIST: Kyle Goderwis

I'm a big fan of GOOD collage, but good collagists are few and far between. I found this guy on the Juxtapoz website and he doesn't just cut shit up and glue it to a board; his stuff says something.

Who'd ya rather? Clay Aiken or Casey Treat?

they're eerily similar, yet, icky in different ways...I'd much rather do Pastor Casey than the Gaykin, who's gotten very pudgy and lezbionic lately. The Clayman also lost big points with me because when he recently joined the cast of Spamalot on Broadway, he confessed he wasn't famiiar with Monty Python OR their work; he thought Monty Python was a real person!...what a dicklick...Pastor Casey seems to have a better bod, more money, a more masculine voice, PLUS he has God in his corner...definitely better BF material.

This makes me wanna hurl....

From Daily Variety:

“Crash,” the 2005 best picture Oscar winner, will become a 13-episode TV series for John Malone’s Starz, the network’s first original drama ever.

Another reason to NOT get cable...

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm not a huge Bruce LaBruce fan, but this sounds interesting...

Otto; or, Up with Dead People

The title's good and the pictures are intriguing and the synopsis from the official website is cute...I'm guessing this will probably play SIFF this year...It just played Sundance and I just read the Variety review...of course, they hated it...which means nothing. If Variety did like it, then I would be surprised and suspicious. Is this really the first gay zombie film? I find that claim a little hard to believe. Pornwise, it's been done. I have a copy of a really funny gay porn video, (and I cannot remember the title!) made by this New Orleans based filmmaker, who's name I also can't remember...Vidko Tim, Kidvo Slim or something like it. It's a movie within a movie, where the main character (played by the director) invites some friends over (male AND female) to watch a cheesy horror flick, that's a base ripoff of Night of the Living Dead populated with drag queens. It's a good film; funny and clever and very much an indy spirited/hipster kind of porn film.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a boy of no wealth and some distaste. My name is Otto. I unlive in Berlin sometimes, sometimes farther north, depending on mood. Then again, I only have one mood: dead. Undead. I find it difficult to make an unliving because I am homeless. I recently starred in a movie called Otto, made by a crazy lesbian avant-garde filmmaker named Medea Yarn. She paid me a little, but I'm waiting for the royalties. Speaking of royalty, I was once anointed Prince of the Zombies. It was at a garbage dump. You had to be there. You'll have to excuse me for now. I have to go eat some roadkill. A bientot. x Otto
---from the Otto; or, Up with Dead People site.

The Steamworks bathhouse chain buys Club Seattle..

Renovations have already started and they're hiring men to do the work...visions of tool belt orgies dance past the eyes of horny, middle aged men...(hmmmm...I may copyright that title and sell it to Joe Gage: Seattle Tool Belt Orgy does have a nice ring to it...)

THIS JUST IN: Dead Kennedys support Barack Obama!!

Hillary is really pissed off!! Sends Bill out to clinch endorsement from Iggy Pop!

No Country for Old Men does well at SAG and DGA.

If NCFOM doesn't win Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay and Supporting Actor at the Oscars, it'll be a major upset. It's one of those rare, and nice occasions when it's the right moment to honor the Coen's AND it's a film that's worthy of honor. It happens a lot in Hollywood that a filmmaker or artist does really good work, but the establishment hesitates about honoring them for that work, and when they think the time is finally 'right' to do so, it frequently ends up for being a lesser film or performance...I could name a dozen examples, but the most recent is Scorcese winning his first Oscar for The Departed, which is a good film, but not quite up to the standards of Taxi Driver, or Raging Bull, or Good Fellas...The Coen's won an Oscar for the Fargo screenplay but it's more than time to honor them as complete filmmakers and for a film that's so richly deserving of honor...(I'm hoping they'll win the Editing award, too; they use the pseudonym Roderick Jaymes when they edit and the Coen's editing skills are as strong as their writing and directing skills.)

I'm still pouting though that Josh Brolin didn't get a nomination for Best Actor... I think it's a great performance in the key role of the film. He's the moral compass of the movie, an essentially decent guy sucked into making some morally corrupt life choices and he does an incredible job of making Llewelyn Moss a believable character. And Brolin's a smart and funny guy. He was at the SIFF screening of NCFOM in late October and did a great job answering questions after the screening. I think the audience responded best to a story he told about he and Javier Bardem being in a make-up and hair trailer right before shooting started. Brolin was getting his hair trimmed and make-up designed for his role, and Bardem was there to get his hair cut into that hideously ugly bowel cut he wears in the film...Bardem just sat there, looking sadder and sadder as they fashioned his new 'do, and glumly told Brolin, "I'm not going to get laid for the next 4 months!" Brolin's punch line: "And you know what; he didn't!"

UPDATE: Now I'm reading that Brolin is getting some criticism for his long winded and smart alecky acceptance speech, on behalf of the entire cast, after winning the Best Ensemble award at the SAG's last night. I didn't see it; I don't have cable and the SAG's are on TNT...but I like this quote of his:

"The Coens are freaky little people, and they made a freaky little movie...whether you like the ending or not." -- at the close of Josh Brolin's acceptance speech

and Daniel Day Lewis spent most of his acceptance speech (for There Will Be Blood) giving a moving tribute to Heath Ledger...oh, and Julie Christie won, which is nice and Ruby Dee won, which isn't so nice...I like her as an actress, but it's a 4 minute role and the nominations and this win reek of "Let's give this great old actress a Life Achievement award, and screw the other more deserving actresses in this category"....I hate that. If you want to honor her, then GIVE HER AN HONORARY AWARD and NOT a competitive award (unless she deserves it)! If she ends up winning the Oscar, I'm going to be sooo pissed...Not Crash winning an Oscar pissed, but damn close to it...

Confidential to Dr Awesome:

Isn't "Strangeways Enterprises" a (mythical) front corporation for one of James Bond's evil arch-nemeses? So is Michael Strangeways really a James Bond arch-villain? What kinda stuff does an arch-villain blog about?

Posted by Dr_Awesome | January 27, 2008 9:53 PM

yes, yes, and read for yourself...cheers!

and now for some random James Bond imagery, most of it from Goldfinger

Derby the cat is home, safe and sound!

My neighbors lost their cat Derby last Sunday morning when we had our break-in. In all the confusion, the little brat got outside and ran away and for nearly a week, Phil and Sonja plastered the neighborhood with posters and flyers and spent hours out searching for him in the cold. To be honest, after three days, I figured he had either been eaten by a coyote or frozen to death in the sub-freezing weather we've been having. Happily, someone who lived only a couple blocks away from us, saw Derby early Saturday morning and called Phil who rushed over to get him. Other than being very hungry, he was apparently in good shape, so other than the fractured nerves of his owners, for once a missing pet story has a happy ending....

I don't have a picture of Derby, but he's a Bengal so I found a cute picture of one on Google, which looks NOTHING like Derby who has a very unusual face...he looks like a Flintstone's kind of cat...a very, very low and protruding a Cro-Magnon cat, but really cute. I think the picture I have posted is of a wild Bengal cat and not the domesticated kind, but this one captures the essense of Derby better than the pictures of the domestics.

I'm surprised no one has pointed this out yet...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Man arrested in Shannon Harps murder case...

and he looks NOTHING like the previous sketch of a "person of interest" seen leaving the scene the night of the murder...

Matisyahu was featured on the Jewish-American doc on PBS

on Wednesday...I'd vaguely heard of him, but had never had a chance to listen to his music before. I really liked it, which is odd because in the past I haven't been that attracted to reggae/ska and just recently I've been exposed to the Specials and now this guy and I'm liking both...I don't write or talk much about music. I love music, but it's not my thing, like it is for a lot of other people. I get gushy over film and books and theatre and art more than I do about music so I guess I'm more visually inclined than aurally...Maybe I liked Matisyahu because of his visuals; I'm not attracted to him, but I think he is attractive and he obviously has a very distinctive look...maybe I'm turned on by this great piece of art. Is this a Shepard Fairey? or a wannabe?

I don't have cable so it's not surprising I watch a lot of PBS..

but since the WGA Writer's Strike started, that's pretty much all I watch in the evenings if I'm not watching a DVD. Wednesday night there were two good shows on, the Pioneers of TV series and the Jewish-Americans series that is narrated by Liev Schreiber. Last night, Frontline did a show on kids and the Internet that was fascinating and it made me do a lot of thinking about how I use the Internet, even though I'm about the same age as most of the parents of the kids in the documentary. It made me realize that a lot of adults in their 30's and 40's, myself included, don't always behave that much differently or any more maturely than 17 and 18 year olds. So, I'm being reflective about my use of the Internet and not posting much today. I need to spend time this weekend focusing on some art/theatre projects of my own, instead of wasting all my time on the net....

Here's a link to the PBS/Frontline website:

And here's a photo of Autumn Edows, one of the kids featured in the show and a link to her MySpace page:

I'm not in a write-y mood today but ECB's rant on Andrew Sullivan,

led me to my favorite time killer, Google Image. Sullivan's a sexy guy, a stocky little manbear with a receding hairline. I don't agree with everything he says, but at least he's an intelligent conservative; they're few and far between. But, I was a little confused by some of the images that pulled up on Google Image. There's some fairly raunchy stuff, some of it connected to his hus-bear, (urp) Aaron Tone who's an artist who's done some paintings of Sullivan, including a lovely buttscape...I got this bit of gossip about Sullivan and Tone from a site called (

“(a) he is handsome, but appears significantly younger than andrew. (b) he is ever so slightly condescending in conversation. (c) he and andrew enjoy five-ways in the dunes. (d) andrew cruised me several times at various times and places in p-town last week (spacepussy, showgirls, vault at large, a-house). (d) from afar, andrew seems unsettled to me, his enviable facade of domesticity notwithstanding.”

Oh, and Aaron Tone is a cutie pie, too...

and here's a quote from an essay that Sullivan wrote about body hair and mansmells that I found on this website (

"And smell. The only rule I have ever had for boyfriends is no deodorant on weekends. There is nothing less erotic on the planet than a mouth or handful of white paste, with its sickly half-man half-Air-Wick odor. I’m not talking stink. I’m talking scent – the real scent of men that can never be found on a woman, the scent that is a huge component of our sexual desire, attraction and identity. Not all of it is related to the factories of odor under our arms. Much of it comes in subtler, sometimes almost imperceptible form from the rest of our bodies – crotches, legs, chests, backs. It’s at the core of sexual attraction; and at the center of sexual life. Why gay men would want to abhor, abort or abjure it is beyond me. So please throw away the razor and the buzzer and embrace yourself again. You have nothing to lose but your stubble." --Andrew Sullivan "Hairy"

After reading that, it's hard to believe that Sullivan and Savage are buddies...

And now for some completely gratuitous photos of Ben Cohen. Happy Friday, everyone.

I'm confused; Savage was a jerk to me on SLOG

and now my dumb little blog is listed as a Friend of Slog at the Slog website. What does that mean? Is it a sarcastic slam, or is it a nice thing? Did Dan do it to make up for being a dick to me? It's Friday, and my tired little head can't process too much here's some confused pictures to look at...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So much anger and dark stuff on here: here's some random sexy pictures...

Follow up to our breakin on Sunday morning

local tv station KIRO did a story about it. Here's a link:

and now police are looking for a guy who assaulted a woman downtown on the 17th, and the description kind of matches the guy who broke into our place. Here's the sketch of the downtown assailant.

Well, on my blog I can say what I want,

so, in my opinion, Ericka C Barnett is a wanker...."wah,wah, people said mean stuff about me, so I'm going to yank it from SLOG and then chew people out for being so mean!"

She really is awful. She's a boring writer who seems to have about three themes she sticks to: bird flu, bikes/transit and Hillary. And I've known people who've had to encounter her in their daily lives, and they weren't impressed. I've been told a couple mean stories about her, (no, nothing THAT juicy), but I'm not going to repeat them because I don't want it to come back to haunt the person who told them to me.

Apparently, much of the Stranger staff hates the Slog and the people who write on it. Yeah, it can be really childish, but I think a big chunk of the problem is, there's probably a dozen decent writers on SLOG who could do the jobs of most of the paid editorial staff at the Stranger, and that idea probably makes them a little uncomfortable. The only brilliant person there is Savage, and that's just because he learned how to market himself and not because of his writing skills...I'm not knocking the Stranger staff; I think most of them are great, but some of them could really lose their churlish, pouty attitude towards Slog and the Sloggers.

The Stranger has an article about Viveza, a soon to close art gallery....

This led me to the Viveza website, which is still active, ( and some art I really like from Raymond Morrow. If you are interested in it, contact the gallery; I'm sure they'll keep the website active for awhile...It's sad when a gallery has to close, but the owner put $200k into it before giving up the ghost. Running a gallery, is incredibly demanding and getting it to be a profitable business enterprise, is just very difficult. I'm also kind of pleased that a couple artists that have shown with QArts, Michelle Salazar and Doughlas Remy, also showed work at Viveza and I HAVE a piece by Remy, (who works in glass; it's hard to describe and the only photograph I have is horrible, but his stuff is really interesting and beautiful), and I'd LIKE to have some pieces from Michelle, but I can't afford it; she's getting pretty pricey. Anyway, enjoy these pieces by Raymond Morrow.