Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's horrid outside, I'm in a foul mood and sick of everything...

...so hopefully this completely gratuitous shot of Jon Hamm, the sexiest man on tv, (sorry, Matthew Fox; you shouldn't have shaved your chest) will warm the cockles of our pants.

I'm not saying anything else, because it would be a steady stream of rancid bile, a non-stop bitchfest concerning the weather, unshoveled sidewalks, irritating hipsters and annoying yuppies, Metro, the holiday season, financial woes, job insecurity, mental anguish, artistic bankruptcy and a monologue devoted to my negative body image and lack of sexual potency and desirability.

And if that fucking Celtic Women "special" runs one more goddamned time on PBS, I may run amuck at Seattle Center and burn down KCTS and string George Ray from a light pole...is it really necessary or financially prudent to run the same horrid program every night of your fucking pledge drive?

Is it the New Year yet?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's a cliche, but I think this picture sums up how we all feel,

physically and emotionally...

Part of that is due to the state of mass transit in Seattle during a weather crisis; Metro tends to fall apart. My first bus yesterday smelled like: 1)a week old dirty diaper or, 2)just starting to rot egg salad. At my first transfer point there was a deranged man repeating in a loop, "I hope my apartment building doesn't burn down; it would be like the Towering Inferno!" and "I don't know how to make an igloo!". On my way home, the #8 that should have shown up at Denny & Dexter at 5:21pm failed to do so. When a bus finally came at 5:47, it was packed tighter than a Tokyo subway car full of Salarymen, which at least made the bus warm and cozy.

Today, I'm wearing the following amount of layers:
Torso/Core: 5
Butt/Naughty Bits: 3
Legs: 2
Feet: 3
Hands/Face: 0

As per yesterdays post, I would prefer wearing nothing, on a beach drinking a pina colada.

And with that horrifying image, I leave you, for now...

Monday, December 15, 2008


...for me, at least, the outside temperture should be warm enough that you are comfortable being outside naked for at least an hour, withhout fear of frostbite or third degree burns...

The weather today makes me most unhappy. If you stood outside in the nude, you'd be dead in 10 minutes, either the victim of frostbite or ravenous, rape minded Capitol Hill type bears...if you looked like this young man.

photo from http://scenicboys.typepad.com/

My Bad.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Things have changed for me at work and I'm working on new projects that require me to actually do some work and not spend hours goofing on the Internet. The original project I was hired for, has ended, and sadly, many of my friends and co-workers have been laid off, (though some of them are thrilled with the prospect of going on unemployment). The stuff I'm doing now, should carry me over to at least mid-January with a chance that it could go even longer, so I'm hopeful, even though part of me would love a little time off...

And, here's a gratuitous picture of a cute kitty, my friends Kurt and Stephanie's beloved Carlito.