Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's a cliche, but I think this picture sums up how we all feel,

physically and emotionally...

Part of that is due to the state of mass transit in Seattle during a weather crisis; Metro tends to fall apart. My first bus yesterday smelled like: 1)a week old dirty diaper or, 2)just starting to rot egg salad. At my first transfer point there was a deranged man repeating in a loop, "I hope my apartment building doesn't burn down; it would be like the Towering Inferno!" and "I don't know how to make an igloo!". On my way home, the #8 that should have shown up at Denny & Dexter at 5:21pm failed to do so. When a bus finally came at 5:47, it was packed tighter than a Tokyo subway car full of Salarymen, which at least made the bus warm and cozy.

Today, I'm wearing the following amount of layers:
Torso/Core: 5
Butt/Naughty Bits: 3
Legs: 2
Feet: 3
Hands/Face: 0

As per yesterdays post, I would prefer wearing nothing, on a beach drinking a pina colada.

And with that horrifying image, I leave you, for now...

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