Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's horrid outside, I'm in a foul mood and sick of everything...

...so hopefully this completely gratuitous shot of Jon Hamm, the sexiest man on tv, (sorry, Matthew Fox; you shouldn't have shaved your chest) will warm the cockles of our pants.

I'm not saying anything else, because it would be a steady stream of rancid bile, a non-stop bitchfest concerning the weather, unshoveled sidewalks, irritating hipsters and annoying yuppies, Metro, the holiday season, financial woes, job insecurity, mental anguish, artistic bankruptcy and a monologue devoted to my negative body image and lack of sexual potency and desirability.

And if that fucking Celtic Women "special" runs one more goddamned time on PBS, I may run amuck at Seattle Center and burn down KCTS and string George Ray from a light pole...is it really necessary or financially prudent to run the same horrid program every night of your fucking pledge drive?

Is it the New Year yet?

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