Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost Day

It's here...

14 Things You Might Want to Know About Tonite's Two Hour Premiere Titled "LA X":

  1. A Main Character and A Guest Star we've seen before will die.

  2. You Will Cry.

  3. Smokey is a bad motherfucker in this episode.

  4. The Dead Will Rise...at least 6 previously dead characters (regulars and guest stars)will be seen or HEARD alive.

  5. Yes, we DO revisit Oceanic Flight 815 but things are a bit different this time around.

  6. Rose and Bernard: yes.

  7. Cindy the Stewardess: yes.

  8. Zack and Emma: we'll see...

  9. Vincent (the dog): unknown

  10. Claire is back...as a series regular.

  11. Desmond is seen, but he's NOT a season regular this year...

  12. Bye, Bye 1977.

  13. Hurley's Guitar Case: oh, yeah.

  14. Sayid needs some very special healing, 'cause the bastard is bleeding out...where could they go to get that kind of help? Hmmmmm....

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