Monday, May 19, 2008

Diederick Kraaijeveld

This was on Juxtapoz today. This piece is made out of found wood the artist collects from junkyards and old buildings.

Due to acute laziness, I'm just going to quote the excellent text from Juxtapoz:

He passed along his most recent piece, titled Black Venus. This stunner is a whopping 51” tall, and like all his other pieces is made from found wood, using the original colors of the wood to create a cohesive piece. He uses no paint in his artistic process, which is pretty impressive considering how detailed his large pieces can get. Black Venus’ afro hair is done in planks he found in the city dump. The wood has been used under a tar roof, which has seeped into the wood over the years, giving it a stained, crystallized look we absolutely love.
See more of Kraaijeveld’s work at

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