Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr and Mrs John James Preston..or not?

Fags and our hags are drooling in anticipation for this movie which opens nationwide on May 30th. We've been jonesing for a Carrie/Samantha/Miranda/Charlotte fix for the last 4 years and the opening weekend cocktail parties will be legion. Word on the street is that the movie is pretty good, a little long maybe, but packed with enough booze, beefcake, fashion, bitchery, pratfalls and tears to satisfy the most jaded SATC fan. Judging by the trailers and stills, they've done a brilliant job with the look of the film, and the soundtrack is already getting a lot of buzz as well. And, kudos for the publicity people at Warner Brothers. They've been marketing the hell out of this movie, making sure it gets non-stop attention in the media. I think it's pretty obvious that the whole, "Does Someone Die in the Movie?" rumor was planted by the studio to keep the publicity fires burning as we get closer to the premiere. (and it IS a rumor; the movie has opened in the UK and there has been numerous press screenings. No one dies, but there is plenty of relationship turmoil). And it's being rumored that Warner Brothers and writer/producer/director Michael Patrick King are already set to make two sequels, if this one is a hit. I don't see how it can not be. There's at least 10 million fans in this country alone, dying to see this fucker. If every one of those fans sees it once, that's a $100 million movie. I think we'll be seeing the antics of Carrie and the gang, until they're old enough to star in a remake of The Golden Girls...

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