Thursday, May 14, 2009

Juliet LIVES!!!

Or, at least she'd better live or I will personally take down ABC, Disney and Team Darlton for killing off the most interesting female character on Lost. (which would consist of me whining about how awful they are, on this blog which no one take that, Disney!)

But then again, we didn't see her, (or Sayid, for that matter) actually kick the, if Daniel/Jack's dumb "let's blow up the Island to correct our time anomaly" trick actually worked, then NONE of this will have happened and poor Juliet will be stuck back on the Island circa 2003 slaving away for The Others trying to solve their problems with maternity.


And, as for last night's season ending episode, I really enjoyed it, (except for the maybe killing Juliet thing and the presence of Jack, a character I care nothing about, and judging by the way the writers of the show write for him, they don't seem that invested in Jack either...) The introduction of Jacob and his eternal nemesis Esau/the Man in Black/that guy from Deadwood was well done and seemed to set the show up for the inevitable good guys/bad guys showdown in season 6, (even though we're still not sure who's "good" and who's "bad"; I'm guessing that we're going to continue with that ambivalence through the end of the series, which I like). I loved all the scenes with Ben and FakeLocke and the realization that The Man in Black has been playing numerous roles over the course of time, (don't you think it likely that it was MIB who was inhabitating Jack's dead dad Christian and other ghostly presences on the Island since it apparently wasn't possible for MIB to leave the Cabin he was imprisoned in?) And, do you really think Ben has been played for a patsy for all these years, or was that entire ending scene worked out beforehand between Ben and Jacob? And, is Jacob really dead? It would seem to me that a guy who's apparently lived for quite a long time, wouldn't be so easily dispatched...And, what about...oh, I could go on for pages and pages so let me just list some thoughts and questions:

Are Rose and Bernard really "retired"? Was this just a way to write them out of the story? Or, do they have a larger role to play in the future?

Where was Walt?!?!?! He's been in every final episode of every season...his character seemed so important in the beginning and now he's seemed to fade away...will he come back next year, or will that be possible if the Losties are blown back to 2003 when Walt was only 11?

Where was Desmond? And Penny? And Widmore? Are they yesterdays news?

If the bomb plan worked and the original Losties never came to the Island, does that mean that Charlie and AnaLucia and Libby and Eko and Shannon and Michael and all the others killed on the Island are still alive? Does that mean that we'll SEE some of these characters next season? (We already know that Claire will be returning next year but she's never been officially confirmed as dead...)

I hope Sayid IS dead...there's nothing more to be done with his character...but, it WAS sad when Nadia was run down...(and who's driving the killer car that has run over several characters over the years? Is it one of the many drunk driving Lost actors?)

Richard Alpert: is it just me, or is his character sort of stupid? He seemed so all-knowing at first and now he just seems clueless...or is it an act?

Wassup with Ilana and Company? Are they original to the Island? Is Ilana as old as Alpert or Jacob? How many toes does she have?

Jacob was kind, in a blond, Scandinavian Jesus-y sort of way.



Shit...8 more months to a new Lost episode...


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