Friday, May 8, 2009

Things that make you go: WTF?

I got this picture from Awkward Family Photos, maybe the best website EVUH, but I originally heard about the site at DListed...

This picture raises soooooo very many questions...the primary one being, of course, WHY?
Did Mom or Dad wake up one day with the idea, "Hey, lets make nekkid costumes for the entire family to wear?" And, WHERE did they wear these costumes? Was it for a family event, or a public event? Did the kids wear these to school? What was the reaction of the other guests? Is this a nudist family or are they just 'wacky'? Is Daddy's real wang the same size as the costume wang? And is Mommy's bush really that uh, bushy? And, why is little Susie playing with Daddy's costume wang in the first place?

I'm guessing they MUST be European...can you tell in the photo if the costume wang is cut, or uncut?

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