Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's about time the Justice Department did something about this national nightmare:

From Google News:
Justice Department pursuing restraining order against Lohan and the family of ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson...
New York Daily News - ‎6 hours ago‎
By Korin Miller Lindsay Lohan is publicly showing restraint in her split from Samantha Ronson. And it may be because she has to. Ronson's family is pursuing a restraining order against the "Mean Girls" star, according to several reports. And in a surprising move, the United States Department of Justice announced that in order to protect US citizens against further involvement in the irritating tabloid fueled lives of Lohan, Ronson and their respective celebrity-seeking families, they were pursuing filing a national restraining order against all members of both families in an effort to remove them from the public forum. “We think it would be in the best interest of the American public, if the Lohan and Ronson families were barred from any contact with any US citizen at anytime, regardless if it’s in person or on the pages of tabloid newspapers or on the many infortainment television and internet programs currently broadcast in this country, “ Attorney General Eric Holder announced in a news conference yesterday. He further added, “ We are co-operating with the INS to see if it’s possible to have all members of both families deported from the US and barred from appearing in any media broadcast into this country, including the construction of an internet firewall prohibiting offshore websites from transmitting their horrific visages and antics into North America. The INS is currently involved in delicate negotiations with the African nation of Malawi to see it that nation could be persuaded to take these talentless and emotionally draining families off the hands of the United States government and its citizens.”
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