Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's no lady?

I found a great resource on line, a blogsite called History of Gay Bars in New York City. All sorts of interesting links to other gay history sites and quotes from books and photos of the "Olden Days". Whether you're gay or not, you ought to check it out. As a social history nerd, I eat this stuff up and it doesn't matter if it's gay or straight; books about HOW people lived their lives, from the big stuff to the mundane, has always fascinated me...I remember asking my 6th grade social studies teacher, "What kind of underwear did the Romans wear?" She wasn't mad at the question; she thought it interesting and legitimate and was honest enough to admit she didn't know but it would be interesting to find out...I think the reason so many people HATE history and studying it in school is because of the boring way most teachers and schools insist on teaching it, with way too much droning on about dates and battles and treaties and wonder people zone out. I've always encouraged people to study histories on their own and search out the answers to the questions they are interested in...and to always remember, history is really just very old gossip.

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