Friday, April 17, 2009

This weekend: Trannyshack and the Wynnsome Ms Greenwood both make some Art.

You have your choice: The killer punk drag performance artists from Trannyshack performs at Chop Suey Saturday night and the wunnerful Wynne Greenwood debuts her new performance piece, Sister Taking Nap at On the Boards tonite, Saturday and Sunday. The Stranger and Regina Hackett are raving over Greenwood's piece and The Stranger post has a link to an Artforum article on Greenwood and the show. Or, go see both.

Braggart's corner: I know a Trannyshacker and I know Wynne Greenwood and I adore them both. (And, they BOTH make serious art.) When you meet Wynne, you would never guess she is an "Important Artist"; she's just that cute, funny girl with the wicked grin and a droll sense of humor. The Stranger giving her the Genius grant was one of the best/smartest things they've ever done...though, I fear her grant will prevent her from working at SIFF this year.

Check'em BOTH out.

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