Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tonite on Lost: A Dumb Clip Show about the Oceanic 6

Wake me when it's next Wednesday and the 100th hour of Lost, an episode titled "The Variable" which is promissing to explain a lot of Island stuff, courtesy of centric hero Daniel. AND, we'll also check in on Desmond to see how he's doing after Ben shot him in the milk jugs. Oh, and judging by some official promo pictures we're seeing, I'm thinking we might find out who Penelope Widmore's mom might be...and it's someone we've already met...(this is my guess, not a spoiler by the way).

But, that's NEXT week...sigh.

To help pass the time, here is an insanely hot still of Jason Stathem from some dumb movie he's currently in, SURGE 2: Electric Boobaloo, I think it's called...

UPDATE: MARY, MOTHER OF GOD!!!! I'VE JUST READ A HUGEASS SPOILER FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE AND IT'S PRETTY SHOCKING!!! I won't tell you anything except, someone Major will die, (which is shocking enough) and the name of the killer is more shocking, (and tragic) than the name of the victim.

I'm channeling Ed Grimley here, I'm so excited about next week's episode!!!

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