Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jughead is the title of tonite's Lost episode...

and it doesn't refer to The Archie's character...Here's some spoilers for you, courtesy of the fine folks at

- One of the best episodes if you like mythology episodes
- Widmore is paying the medical bills for someone
- Jughead as we suspected is a b_ _ _
- Faraday and Widmore have a surprising connection
- We find out how and why Widmore knows about the Island
- No O6 in this episode
- Someone tells Charlotte they love her

Also, there will be Latin, a baby, and a younger version of a character we've already met...and we find out more about the soldiers that attacked the castaways last week. Even though this season's individual episodes aren't quite as character specific or centric, to use a Lost fan term, it would be relatively safe to say that this episode is somewhat Desmond-centric, so if you're a fan of the 'brutha' spouting Scot with the tan chest and flowing locks, you're in for a treat...

Oh, and next week's episode, The Little Prince, features Claire's mom, more nosebleeds and time traveling to an era featuring a bunch of French people on the Island, including a fiery young French woman...I wonder who she could be?

Finally, there's a rumor that there was a casting call for a 25 year old Aaron to feature in a scene set in 2030 to interact with an adult Ji-Yeon...but, the producers have been known to issue fake casting calls or to use fake character names and scripts to confuse spoiler hunting fans, so take it with a grain of Dharma salt. (There's also some interesting fan speculation that Aaron and Ji-Yeon are the Adam and Eve bodies found in the cave in Season One...discuss at will!)

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