Monday, March 16, 2009

Kill it, before it breeds...

(And by IT, I mean a Queerfest celebration, not Mark "Mom" Finley...I never advocate the death of anyone, especially a local gay icon whose column used to be the best thing in the Seattle Gay News...but I digress.)

The morons are at it again...some Capitol Hill clowns are trying to drum up support for another Hill based Pride event...the last time they tried to do this, it destroyed the LGBT Center, (yes, I'm bitter). Bill W has the story HERE at his Seattle Gay Scene blog.

I would fully support someone doing this, if I knew:

1)They had sufficient funding to pull it off, (which in this economic climate, I doubt),


2)They have a strong arts element to the festival with emphasis on queer art, music, theatre...not just Dykes on Bikes, braying drag queens and a performance by one of the gay choirs...that's old and tired. There are dozens of painters, sculpters, dancers, musicians, writers and actors in this town and they are NEVER featured at Pride events because either no one asks them AND even if they were asked, most of them don't want to be associated with the usual lameness that IS the normal pride event.

Would YOU want to be on the same bill with Mark Mom Finley and Aleksa Manila?


Bill W. said...

I am prefectly satisfied with the Pride Parade on 4th Avenue and PrideFest at Seattle Center. There seems to be a determination to have something on Broadway/Volunteer Park. Kyler Powell, who pulled off the original Prop 8 Protest, sounds pretty confident he can pull off a volunteer park celebration. Just look how many people show up to that mostly straight and disgustingly sweaty Capitol Hill Block Party. I just have to say if your going to do it, be creative, think outside the box and do it right.

Phil said...

see details on the Community Council site