Monday, March 16, 2009

Poutine Hangover

I had dinner at Smith last night, and it was very tasty but I'm feeling the pain today. Poutine, beer and pulled pork sandwiches are not a healthy meal for an overweight, non-exercising fortysomething year old man. And, as always, I was annoyed that a simple pub grub type meal, for two, came to $42. The price you pay for hipness in Seattle is exorbitant. (OT: Blogger spellcheck didn't recognize the words "poutine" or "exorbitant"....they need to improve their dictionary.)

It was also an enjoyable people watching experience...there was a table of modestly drunken people that would periodically burst into karaoke moments with the jukebox, a couple of gays, one of whom looked like a yupped up, pumped up Andy Dick, (nerdy face and a major gym built body) and what looked like a middle aged MTF tranny trying to pick up a girl young enough to be her daughter...but I could be mistaken because I spent part of the weekend reading Jonathan Ames and his work and sex life are frequently obsessed with the transgendered so I might have trannies on the brain. And, the alleged trannie in question looked a bit like Germaine Greer...
I also rented the newest Futurama direct to video movie, (and like the preceeding 4, it just wasn't that good) and the last disc of Season 1 of Mad Men and I naturally had to watch all four episodes on the disc so I ended up staying up to 1.30 am and as a result, I'm not at my optimal freshness and perkiness.

Oh, and I ate some very rich chocolate cake at home as well last night, so technically I have a poutine/chocolate cake/Mad Men Marathon Hangover...

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