Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What did we ever do without YouTube?

In the last half hour I've watched recut movie trailers, Dusty Springfield and the Pet Shop Boys, and Robert Altman's Nashville featuring Ronee Blakely having a nervous breakdown at Opryland U.S.A....a potpourri of entertainment that sure does help the day go faster!

That's all I got; there's nothing going on right now that either excites me or enrages me enough to blog about it...it was either a YouTube tribute or a diatribe against people who don't trim their nose hair, (I had a horrifying experience on the bus this morning; I had to sit across from a man with obscenely long nasal foliage...which was a pity since he was kind of cute...but I digress.) Or, I could have posted a tribute to the late Paul Harvey, (didn't y'all think he was already dead? the man seemed like he was 90 when I was 10) and a misty eyed reminiscence of going home to lunch in grade school and listening to Paul Harvey on the radio while I ate my tuna salad sandwich, or if I was real lucky, a real pork tenderloin sandwich with globs of SpinBlend on it. And even at 10, Paul Harvey seemed to me like he was a rightwing douchebag asshole...

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