Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yes, but are they going to do a lot of drugs and get drunk and be un-PC?

Pigs are flying...a pilot for an Americanized Ab-Fab starring Kristen Johnson, as Patsy and someone named Kathryn Hahn as Eddy is currently filming after years of attempts, including one by Roseanne Barr/Arnold...Jezebel has a look at the doesn't sound very funny and replacing Bubble with a sensible, African American woman is just silly; the only "normal" character should be Saffy, (but, she has issues as well). I love Kristen Johnson and she might be ok as Patsy, (even though she's a bit too young for the part and a little too ballsy) but Hahn is waaaay too young and thin to be a credible Eddy, and is she even a comedian? You need someone with a lot of comedy skills to fill Jennifer Saunders shoes and she has to be willing to be unlikeable to pull off this part.

And, I'm guessing that the drugging is going to be cut waaaaay shots of Patsy with coke boogers.

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