Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Futurama of Sarah Palin

I don't want to be cocky but barring any sort of upset or skullduggery, it looks like McPalin is going to lose next Tuesday which raises the question, "Where does Sarah Palin go from here?" (Sadly, for Grandpa Walnuts, it does NOT raise the question, "Where does John McCain go from here?" because the answer is self-evident; he goes back to the Senate for two more years to be followed by a flaccid Flagstaffian retirement with his shrewishly frigid wife before a sad and prolongingly dull and underreported death...)

Unlike McCain, Sarah Palin does have a future in politics; Andy Warhol prophesied that in the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes but he never said that some people would be famous for a lot longer than that. Governor Palin has already had her 15 minutes and I'm afraid she's got several more increments of a quarter hour up her Neiman Marxist sleeve. I'm guessing that by the end of November we're going to hear a major publishing house announce they've signed Palin to a seven figure book deal. Despite what she implied in her Vargas interview, Palin does have to go back to Alaska to finish the job she currently holds; Governor of Alaska. She has two more years to serve in Juneau which is a long way from Washington and New York. (I'm guessing she's going to be racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles with Alaskan Air.) But what does she do in 2010 when her term expires? Run for re-election? Run for Senator Lisa Murkowski's seat? Announce her presidential campaign? Go the pundit route with her own Fox show or a blog? Or go the conservative think tank route?

I'm guessing she won't run for re-election as governor; Alaska is a long way from everything and not a convenient hub to expand a national political career. Running for Murkowski's seat is an option, but the GOP could object to her running against a Republican incumbent. (And Palin ousted Murkowski's dad for the governor's chair; the Murkowskis would put up a bitter fight to ward off Palin). Palin is also facing some sliding approval ratings in her home state and running for a Senate seat as a stop-gap on her way to a presidential run could likely work against her. I'm going to go for the pundit/think tank route for Palin which would allow her maximum public exposure as well as allow her to travel the country building up financial and logistical support for a 2012 run for the White House. (Of course, this would mean she'd have to live a good chunk of the year in that bastion of Socialism and UnReal America, the NY/DC corridor, but that's the price a patriot has to make to further her noble cause...sadly, the hunting by helicopter options are few but on the plus side, there's some nice peaceful "schools" for Trig to attend...)

Regardless the option she chooses, you can bet that Sarah Palin will remain in the news, (there's a wedding to plan!) and a whole lot of Republicans in this country will be paying at least 4 figures to enjoy a fish or chicken dinner with the governor in a Marriot or Hyatt hotel banquet room near YOU...

Image: Zina Saunders

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