Friday, October 10, 2008

Ouch II

You know it's a sad day in Republicanville, when it's less than four weeks to election day and the Republican's are only polling 3 percentage points above the Democrats in the Deep Red/Bible Beltin' South...From

Mode: IVR

Georgia 10/9, 509 LV, 4%
McCain 49, Obama 46

Ohio 10/9, 531 LV, 4%
Obama 49, McCain 44

What are the Republicans going to do? Their party is old and out of touch; one look at the crowd at the RNC in St Paul made that abundately clear. Middle of the road conservatives are looking with great distaste at the Fundamentalist Christian/Redneck Racist wing of the party and not liking what they see. And the twentysomething, young conservatives might proclaim fiscally conservative values and embrace themes of patriotism and pride for their country but they're not attracted to the racist/sexist/homophobic rhetoric of the Far Right; they grew up with and studied with and now work with blacks, and Asians, and Hispanics and Jews and have female teachers and bosses and feel comfortable hanging out with their gay siblings and cousins and co-workers and friends. Even though they might be good church goers and have a fondness for deer hunting, that doesn't mean they want hypocritical Bible pounding preachers and beer-swilling, pig-eyed Klan members dictating their political beliefs. And with the racistly tinged nastiness of the McCain campaign, the Republicans have already apparently written off people of color as desirable members of the Republican Party. If they don't do something soon, to muzzle the extreme right and start bringing in the young and the non-white, the Republican Party might find itself old, impotent and irrelevant in modern society.

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