Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! (Happy B-day, Pam D!)

Image from the Juxtapoz photo attribution was given on the site.

Oh, and if you're in the Delridge neighborhood tonite, check this out at the Skylark; it's a great venue:

friday, october 31
8pm COME AS YOU AREN'T (2nd Annual Halloween Battle Of The Bands! Judges: All bands will be disguised as other bands, playing three songs each. Extra points if fans are dressed as the band's fans! Confirmed acts vying for the Golden Cowbell: NORMAN BAKER as The Decemberists SPEEDMOP as the Go-Go's BONE CAVE BALLET as Duran Duran M. BISON as The Kinks HELEN CHANCE as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs WE WROTE THE BOOK ON CONNECTORS as The Beastie Boys H IS FOR HUNGRY DANIELLI as Nirvana APPLE WAR as QueennDrink specials: $2 Session bottles/$4 glasses of Pinot Noir (normally $8)nnn

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