Monday, October 6, 2008

McCain losing in North Carolina

Latest poll from Public Policy Polling finds Obama leading McCain 50% to 44% and Political Wire, the site I got this info from, also notes that:

Interesting: Obama's numbers rise every time he makes a visit to the state. McCain hasn't visited in five months.

How dumb are the Republicans? The polling has been bad for the Republicans for well over a month in North Carolina and not just for President. The incumbent Senator, Elizabeth Dole, who until recently seemed like a sure bet for the Republicans, has also been trailing in the polls for the last few weeks. You'd think that the minute the polling started to look a little bit crappy they whould have sent McCain down there for at least a brief visit to shore things up.

It's amazing that the Republicans, who in recent years revolutionized the modern campaign process which led to their huge victories all over the country, have so drastically dropped the ball this election cycle. Has the last eight years of corruption, scandal and criminality really sapped all the life and common sense out of them? They've become a politcal party of the old, the tired and the enfeebled. We're watching the Republican National Party fall apart in front of our very eyes. Are they just wanting the Democrats to win big now, to deal with all the Republican made messes, so they can seize power again in four years if the Dems don't succeed?
I thought that for awhile, but the way the Republicans are flailing, it really looks like they're out of touch with reality and the needs of the American public. The Apocalypse of the Republican Party is a spectacle both horrifying and sadly, well-earned.

And in other polling, Obama continues to pull ahead in Ohio, Virginia, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Colorado, Florida...Instead of barely winning 270 EV, Obama is starting to look like he could potentially top 370 or even 400 EV.

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