Friday, September 19, 2008

All the Stars are in Lower Queen Anne!

I had a HUGE celebrity sighting last night in Lower Queen Anne/Uptown. I was walking with my friends on our way to a fine meal at Mecca and just as we passed Dicks, who do you think we run into??!?!?!?! THIS asshole:Michael Medved, arch-conservative commentator, movie and media critic, gadfly, and Mercer Island resident was lurking around the back of Dick's Uptown last night...(or maybe he was coming from a screening of something at the Uptown; did they show "The Greatest Story Ever Told" last night?)

I used to kinda like Michael Medved back in the day when he was the funny Jewish movie critic who replaced Siskel & Ebert when they jumped ship from their original PBS show. He also wrote a series of entertaining film books called "The Golden Turkey Awards" about movies so bad that they're almost good. Then, he quickly turned into a tiresome, shrewish old bitch ranting about the liberal evils of Hollywood.

He was never pretty, but it's nice to see he's NOT aging well.

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