Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Math is Hard!

Image: Alex Wong/Getty

Beer Heiress Barbie has a brain freeze at the RNC!

Let's all join our Republican friends tonite as they celebrate re-breaking a glass ceiling that the Democrats broke 24 years ago with Geraldine Ferraro! (to put it in perspective, your current Veep candidate was 20 years old!)

Way to go, guys! We're proud of you!


SANDMAN760 said...

Although I am sometimes misunderstood, I do want you to know how much I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes for a few minutes every day. I only wish you wrote more. You are a national treasure, know it or not. I often imagine your voice is like John Hurt's, or at least he will play the role when they make you into a film.
Hugs, kisses and all my best wishes.

michael strangeways said...

Thank you, Sandman760 for the kind words.

I'd write more often but I'm frequently crippled by acute, I only blog at work when I have the time and only use my computer at home to visit filthy websites.

My voice is NOTHING like John Hurt's...more like Paul Lynde with a touch of Regis Philben. If I've been watching too many episodes of Golden Girls back to back and have had too much merlot, I sound EXACTLY like Rue McClanahan. However, Mr Hurt's performance as Caligula in "I,Claudius" has frequently been an inspiration to me on how to live life.

I'm hoping that porn legend Jack Wrangler will come out of retirement to play me in the inevitable film bio...or at the very least, do me.