Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stewart/Colbert are gods! (but, you already knew that...)

Here they are recreating that notorious New Yorker cover from a couple months back.
And does it bother you a little bit that some of the toughest questions being put forward in this presidential race are coming from these two comedians plus Letterman and the ladies from The View? What happened to journalists like Woodward and Bernstein? The days of the tough print reporter seem to be over...

Also, a note to the Emmy people...just go ahead and book both these guys, or one or the other, to host your show next year...enough with the lameass reality show hosts. If you want a long, dull awards show to be entertaining, then hire ENTERTAINERS to do the hosting duties and not cardboard cut-outs.

oh, and I saw this originally on Towleroad.

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Phil said...

The Woodward, Bernstein, and Murrow of the past would be shouted down as conspiracy theorists or set up Rather-style were they to attempt to conduct similar investigations nowadays.

Given that people can now pull off the destruction of three World Trade Center towers, air-torpedoing of the Pentagon, and subsequent restriction of commercial air travel based on DHS blacklists with barely a glance from the press or the public, I suspect the Watergate burglars and Senator McCarthy would have no trouble today.