Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Stars than there are in the Heavens!!!

On my way home from work yesterday afternoon about 5:15pm, I was driving down 15th and was privileged enough to experience not just one, but TWO celebrity sightings! Right in front of Liberty, THIS newly buffed stud and sex columnist was spotted getting ready to either get on his bike to go home to his hubby, or maybe he was contemplating if he could get away with jaywalking across 15th as a act of civil defiance but regardless, he was prominently displayed in front of his favorite Capitol Hill watering hole. It's not really that exciting of a sighting since Savage goes to Liberty after work about 19 times a week, but it still gives me a cheap thrill to see our literati out mingling with the common man, or in this case, the common hipster...

AND, you can only imagine the tingle I got following the Savage Sighting, when about three blocks further south on 15th near the Safeway and the Church of Aquarius when I was fortunate enough to see THIS endearing figure, wafting down the boulevard in his perpetual haze of diaphanously hirsute beauty. I couldn't tell if Mr Odyssey was just out on a stroll or devoting himself to trash removal, but either way his presence on our streets is a vital thread in the fabric of our urban life...

...but only if he keeps his weiner covered.

Credits: Savage/Cooper by Savage/The Stranger
Boe Odyssey by Life is Art/Flickr

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