Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So MOVE to Canada, already! What the fuck are you waiting for?

The Dems are a little lagging in the polls after the RNC, (which is perfectly natural and normal) but of course the Negative Nancy's and Henny Penny's are emerging from the Democratic closet to start their whining and squeeling and keening and hand-wringing and their lemming-like declarations that they'll move to Canada or New Zealand or the Netherlands if Obama loses and the Evil Ones win...Every motherfucking election year, it's the same old story and every motherfucking election year none of the pussies actually go through with it. It's so tired. (And, if the worst DOES happen, and Obama loses, I expect all you fuckers to go through with it and get the fuck out of the US. I'll even come help some of you pack up and move if it means I don't have to listen to your goddamned whining every four years.)

Please get a new bit, people. Or grow a backbone, or get out and do something about the situation by donating your time and money...just shut up and do something besides whine in so unoriginal manner.

And, do some research before you begin kvetching. Despite McCain's gains in the national polls and even in some state polls, Obama is still leading nicely in enough states to comfortably have around 217 electoral votes; 243 if you think Pennsylvania is a sure thing, (which I do). We've got a long way to go, but things are STILL looking good at this point, as long as people don't freak out, give up and stop fighting to take back the White House.

Also, quit obsessing over Palin. It helps fuel the Rovian fires of Hell.

Image is from here: http://www.bruteprop.com/v1/core.html


Phil said...

But just in case you change your mind, keep a copy of Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America (Mark Ehrman, 2006) around.

michael strangeways said...

oh, Phil...why would you think Canada would WANT you?

You have a police record now...you're probably on the DO NOT ENTER list.