Friday, September 26, 2008

Seacrest needs to get Out...

from Defamer:
However, while on the radio this morning, Ryan Seacrest couldn't help getting snarky on his old pal (Clay Aiken)when he sarcastically dropped the line "In other news, water is wet and ice cream is cold" while discussing the news (of Aiken coming out of the closet).

Dear Frosty-Tipped, Mincing, Little, Man-Bitch,

You are strongly suspected of being a Pass Around Party Bottom Homosexual. If not, then you sure as hell look like one. For someone who got his big break in show business courtesy of his "mentor" Merv Griffin, you say a lot of stupid things. I used to kinda like you; now, I hate you.

You are now on my shit list.

You've been warned.



You're getting fat and puffy.

And American Idol is running out of steam.

Photo taken from PerezHilton and where he stole it, who looks vaguely TMZish. It's well over a year old, and the other guy is/was allegedly a close friend of the Seacrest.

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