Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm going there tomorrow morning for a long weekend to visit'll be nice to see them, but I'm guessing it will be exhausting; it's a "family" trip and will involve quality time with a very active 7 and 11 year old. I'm hoping to bring back lots of fascinating photos and if I'm lucky, I'll get some great shots of the lovely Westboro Church/Fred Phelps Clan out picketing on some streetcorner in Topeka, their homebase. I'm also looking forward to some good BBQ from my favorite place, Grover's and I'm planning on bringing back as many bottles as I can fit in my luggage.

I'm irritated by a couple things, though...To save money, I'm taking the bus to Sea-Tac and I have to leave at 4.15 in the fucking morning in order to make my 6.20 flight AND the weather is suppossed to be bleh in Kansas, wet and cool, while it's suppossed to be really nice in Seattle and probably the last decent weekend we'll have this summer...I am NOT a lucky person.

Also, I hate to fly AND I smoke so it should be a delightfully stressful trip. I have a two hour layover in Denver, on the way to Kansas City, so I'm hoping that's enough time for me to get outside of the terminal and have at least a couple smokes...otherwise, I'll have to run into a deserted airport restroom, and take three fast drags off a cigarette and blow the smoke into the toilet. Not very satisfying and liable to get me a ticket, or at the very least, a proposition from a Larry Craig type, if it's a Daniel Craig type lurker, then I'm totally doing him in the stall.

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