Friday, August 15, 2008

Bob Costas is kind of a douche...

I used to kind of like Bob Costas, perennial host of NBC's Olympics coverage for the last 45 years, but I'm afraid our love affair is over...he's so pompously bland. And the little filler segments, in between events when they're trying to kill time so Michael Phelps can get his glutes massaged before competing, are inane and derivative. Of course we had to have a "let's send a reporter out to do a puff piece on that wacky Chinese food!" segment, the other night. It's so much fun to watch aging girl reporter make crazy faces as she samples duck feet, tripe and deep fried scorpion! Oh, the kooky things those Chinese folks eat! And of course, she had to bring Costas back a fried scorpion on a stick, which the big pussy refused to try...fuckin' puss.

It's the laziest form of reporting and a stunt that was probably done by Nellie Bly back in the 1908 Olympics. Oh, and there's the whole culturally insensitive thing as well. But, I'm guessing that when Chinese and French and Somalian reporters came to the US for the Salt Lake games, they probably filed similar dumbass stories for their hometown journalistic outlets: "ooooh; look at the weird, crazy shit American capitalistic pigs eat! Jello! Pork Rinds! Funyans! Ding-Dongs! Kraft "Cheese"!

Note: I haven't the slightest idea what the fuck animal that is in the photo...flattened Shar Pei, maybe?

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