Monday, August 4, 2008

Guess the Foot

I'm inaugarating a new feature on the have to guess the (Male) Celebrity Foot! Yes, I've discovered a website devoted to sexually gratifying the needs of foot fetishists the world over obsessed to wacking off over photos of celebrity feet and I'm going to bring you the cream of their bunioned crop.

Todays first celebrity is one that has been featured on the Sideshow before...personally, I'm far more interested in getting lost in his dreamy eyes as my hands caress the downy pelt on his muscular chest, than in gazing at his nasty, yellow toe nails, (so like my own, but not nearly as muscular), but to each his own; I guess everyone is entitled to inviting anyone they want to their own private sex party. If you want to invite five skanky toes, be my guest...whatever gets you up to speed...

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