Monday, August 11, 2008

I will never, ever see this upcoming film,

it has absolutely NOTHING I look for in a film. Out of the four headlined actors, I like Alec Baldwin, dislike Jason Biggs and Kate Hudson, and LOATHE Dane Cook. Howard Deutch is the hack director. It's apparently some sort of rom/com. It looks, sounds and smells horrible, yet here I am posting about it because I'm irritated beyond belief that Dane Cook gets top billing over Kate Hudson! Like I said earlier, I'm no fan of her work, or her trampy private life but the little 'ho has made a hit or two over the last few years and plays LEAD roles in all her films. Dane Cook is a shitty comedian who apparently is beloved by certain 30something, ex-jock/frat boy movie executive types who keep casting him in movies despite the fact that he SUCKS and has never been in a very successful movie. AND, he's only been the lead in two films, Good Luck Chuck and Employee of the Month, which both sucked and bombed.

Living proof that Hollywood is sexist and Kate Hudson needs to fire her agent/manager/lawyer for the shitty billing AND for putting her in this piece of crap movie in the first place...

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