Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recently seen on Towleroad...

and Eternally Lame.

Shitty, poorly made, overpriced, sweatshop made clothes for dimwitted frat boys, aging soccer dads, and clueless gays. The only positive attribute this company has made to society, is that their ubiquitous baseball caps cover the bald spots of millions of American men and help them keep skin cancer at bay.

But the cologne is ok, in moderation, but the men who wear A&F cologne NEVER wear it in moderation; the dumbfuckers take a bath in it.

And "Fiscally Republican"? Does this mean that the company has a huge budget deficit? 'Cause the last time I checked, every Republican president of the last 28 years has left office with a huge deficit, while the only Democratic president left office with a huge surplus...Might want to rethink that business strategy, A&F...

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