Monday, August 4, 2008

Playgirl is Morte

At least the print edition will continue on the net for awhile. For pre-Internet gay men, Playgirl was our introduction to the exciting world of nekkid dick pictures. I'm guessing that Playgirl would still be a very profitable business if millions of copies hadn't been stolen by horny gay teenagers too embarassed to try and buy it. (My successful trick was to rip off the cover of the Playgirl, then rip the cover off of a similarly sized but far butcher magazine, like Better Homes and Gardens, then take the guts of the Playgirl and insert it into the cover of the butch magazine and hope it didn't fall out when the clerk went to ring it up...)
Added note: this thievery continued until I went to college and discovered a Mini-Mart near Nebraska Wesleyan University that carried Honcho, Mandate, Inches, Blueboy and magazines of similar ilk. By this point, I was of legal age, and too horny to care if the clerk thought I was a 'mo...

And like many, I prefer the innocence of the old Playgirl with it's handsome, frequently mustouched, and flaccid membered models to the more recent version featuring nudies with throbbing boners and man-tans... Oh, and to the few ladies who read Playgirl, I hate to break the news to you, but a very large chunck of their models were gay as a picket fence. Many of them went on to profitable careers in gay male magazines, porn and turning tricks on Santa Monica Blvd.

And here's a vintage picture of Carol Burnett leading man, Lyle Waggoner in a celebrity spread from the 70's. A few of the celebs that posed, DID show their peen, but Lyle seemed to be shy...

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