Friday, August 8, 2008

Grounds for immediate divorce...

...your man coming home to tell you, "Honey, I want to buy some shirts like the ones that Charlie Sheen wears on Two and a Half Men!"

Sadly, there is such a way to purchase these ugly-ass, retroesque, bowling style shirts:

This appears to be a British website...I'm not really that shocked to discover that the British think this is a "hot" fashion trend, but who knew that "Two and a Half Men" was popular in the UK...then again, the British have always been fascinated by sex scandals, and certainly Charlie Sheen has been involved in a few of those...or maybe it's the really shitty and obvious wigs that Sheen wears; didn't the British invite the ugly toupee?

And, don't get me wrong; I OWN a cool, retro bowling shirt which I adore, but it's a REAL, vintage bowling shirt with embroidery on it, not the bland, color-blocked things that whoremonger Sheen wears on that questionably funny and extremely filthy tv show.

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