Friday, August 29, 2008

Has anyone asked?

How many igloos does Sarah Palin and her Eskimoe husband own?

(Full disclosure: I saw this line on a comment on Wonkette and had to repeat's brilliant.)(It was originally posted by Jenna' on the Liveblogging thread:

And...did McCain pick her to secure the all-important Eskimoe vote?

And...will Mattel put out a Veep/MILF version of Barbie this fall?

And...cannot wait for the talk shows/comedians/sketch shows to go to town on this...I"m hoping that South Park does something.

And...Hillary will NOT tolerate another woman getting into the West Wing before her...I think this is going to prompt HRC to go to town on Palin's ass.

And...the woman says NOOK-U-LAR...she deserves everything that is going to get dished out on her.

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