Friday, August 29, 2008


This isn't just a left field's more like three blocks from the ball park in an alley behind an abandoned warehouse choice. It seems so desperate and Republicans think people are dumb and are not going to see this? Do they think that all the upset Hillary supporters are going to vote for McCain now because his Veep choice also has a vagina? And why would you go for a Veep choice who has ZERO national political experience thereby destroying the rather affective tool of going after Obama for his suppossed lack of national experience? And do they think the indie voters are going to be comfortable with an inexperienced governor from a tiny, far away state as a vice-president to an elderly President who could quite possibly die in office? Is SHE ready to be president?
It all seems really dumb and desperate and crazy and unlikely to work but...who knows? America has done dumber things.

Note: the picture is of Sarah Palin when she was a beauty pageant contestant in her younger days and I grabbed it off Google image and have no idea where it originally comes from, nor do I care much...Oh, and her talent at pageants was flute playing...

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