Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Amazon's new HQ in South Lake Union

They've released the pictures of the design for Amazon's new HQ complex in South Lake Union. I found out about this at the wonderful local architecture blog, HugeAssCity (http://noisetank.com/hugeasscity/) and the pictures are from the architecture firm, Callison. HugeAssCity isn't very excited about this design, and neither am I. You would think that a company as iconic as Amazon would want a headquarters with a bit more oomph than this compound of banality. It's not awful, it's just dull and not an asset to the city or to Amazon.

The Early Design Guidance meeting for this project is tomorrow, April 2nd. The complex will be situated along Boren between John and Harrison. I think the red building in the above picture, which is 11 stories and had to get a rezone in order to be approved for that area, will be the first one built.

Once this gets built, at least the SLUT will start getting a few riders...

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