Monday, April 28, 2008

Monstrously Fat Assed Jailbird sues about weight loss...'Law & Order' immediately begin drafting a script.

Broderick Laswell is a 20 year old man accused of killing a man with a dumbell last September. He sits in a jail cell in Benton County, Arkansas and like most men in his situation, he spends his days contemplating his future, or his lack of one. But, while most men would be fretting about their loss of liberty, or the perils of being anally raped in the shower, Mr Laswell occupies his time fretting about his weight loss. In the eight months that he has been incarcerated Laswell has dropped from 413 lbs to 308 lbs. He's now claiming that the jail is starving him to the point where he has spells of dizziness and that the 3000 calorie a day diet is inadequate for his needs and poses a serious health risk. He's also unhappy that they do not get hot meals and this lack of substantial servings of deliciously hot pot roast, mashed potatoes and shoo-fly pie has led to his recent filing of a law-suit in U.S District Court, where he claims that his civil-rights are being violated.

Yes, I do seem to recall that the right to copious amounts of tater-tot casserole, was one of the aims of the Civil-Rights Movement. I think Dr King had a dream about that, as well...

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