Friday, April 25, 2008

Solving a Lost Mystery

There was a minor brouhaha in the Lost fan community when it was discovered recently that actors Michael Emerson, Yunjin Kim and Alan Dale were filming scenes of Lost in London last month. Lots of speculation on what it meant, since the series has filmed 99% of the episodes, despite the fact that scenes take place all over world, on stages and locations in Oahu, (a tiny amount of filming, mainly second unit and effects work, has been done in L.A.). It puzzled me, as well, but I did about 3 minutes of detective work to find out that actor Alan Dale has a London stage committment as King Arthur in Monty Python's Spamalot and wasn't available to come to Oahu to film any scenes in his role as the seemingly evil, billionaire Charles Widmore for the post Writer's Strike episodes of Lost, which began filming in March. Since Dale's scenes were rather important for the storyline, but not extensive, it wasn't difficult to import a couple of actors and veteran Lost director Jack Bender to London and use a small local crew to film the scenes. We saw one of them last night; Ben (Emerson) confronting Widmore in his penthouse bedroom, which means there's at least one more scene to go, as actress Yunjin Kim (Sun) was also spotted filming in London with the Lost crew. Since Lost has previously and successfully shot London based scenes in Oahu, I don't see any other hidden meaning in this unusual location shoot.

Also, I really enjoyed last night's episode, despite a couple far-fetched moments, and anything Ben related is always a treat to watch. Michael Emerson is so very good in his role and his great ham acting has overshadowed every other performance on the show.

And Alan Dale is a very sexy 60 year old man...

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