Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trannyshack is cummin' back to town, May 10th!!!!

Run, DO NOT WALK, to Neumo's Saturday, May 10th for the return of San Francisco based punk/drag phenomenon, Trannyshack with your hostess and the founder of the 'shack, Heklina and local co-hostess Ursula Android and featuring appearances by Jackie Hell, Renttecca, Paula The Swedish Housewife, Raya Light, Ultra, Sylvia O'Stayformore and many more. This ain't your grandma's old school boring ass drag show and you WON'T see tired old queens lip-syncing to Madonna, Whitney, or Mariah and holding court as the reigning Empress of the some fucking Imperial Court. These bitches put on a balls to the wall night of entertainment and they're not afraid to get messy. I went to the last one, at Chop Suey, back in July of last year and by the end of the night the stage floor was covered with all sorts of nasty, funky shit, primarily the destroyed remains of various props used in some of the numbers. Many of the 'shack performers sing LIVE, and at the last one there were bitches doing songs by Nirvana and Bjork, not your typical drag queen fare. And note, this has moved to Neumos which has a much better/bigger stage, so they'll have enough room to go completely ballistic. I highly recommend you go see this, (and I loathe 98% of most drag, so if I like it, you know it has to be good...)

Show starts at 11pm with a $10 cover, and worth every penny.

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