Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Britain invades Little America

David Walliams and Matt Lucas are in the U.S. to film an American installment of their cult hit sketch series, "Little Britain", to air on HBO. Here's Walliams as beloved transvestite, Emily Howard and Lucas in the background as a pasty cop. They're also set to reprise other favorite charactors like Vicki Pollard, fey Prime Ministerial assistant, Sebastian Love and Dafydd, "the only gay in the village" as well as create new characters, just for this series.

No word if Bubbles de Vere turns up...

I have two minds about this. Yes, these guys are funny and some of the characters are brilliant, but Little Britain is one of the worst perpetrators of the "Catchphrase School of Comedy", endlessly repeating the same characters in the same sketches saying the exact same catchphrases, over and over again. I'm guessing that the Little Britain duo of Walliams and Lucas has made about 10 times more money than the vastly more talented members of another British comedy team, The League of Gentlemen, whose plot based comedy doesn't lend itself as well to t-shirts and coffee mugs...

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