Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lost Geek Fest begins....NOW!

So far the 4th season of the most addictive and aggravating show on television has been pretty fan-fucking-tastic. Finally, there's some momentum building on the show and questions being answered and most of that is due to the show's new device of using Flash Forwards to show what happens to some of our Lost friends once they get off the island. Tonight, the first new, post-writers guild strike, (the first of 5 new hours) is set to air, entitled "The Shape of Things to Come" and, judging by the promos, the official announced guest star list, and Internet rumours and spoilers, it looks to be a damn, fine episode. In a nutshell, we know we are going to see the Freighter folk attack Locke's camp and there'll be gunfire, explosions and some serious implied peril involving Claire, Alex and Sawyer. The guest list includes Alan Dale as the seemingly rotten billionaire Charles Widmore, (but, does NOT include Mira Furlan as Rousseau who was last seen shot at the end of the previous episode). And Internet buzz tells us, that this will be a Ben flash forward which will include scenes set in the Middle East, and a possibility we'll learn more about Ben's post-Island life and why and how he got Sayid to act as his personal assassin. There's also talk that Ole Smokey, the mysterious smoke monster will make an appearance and we might find out some interesting info about the machinations of what makes Ole Smokey tick, AND it looks like a large chunk of Red-shirts, the background extras and Oceanic survivors who seldom get anything to say or do, will bite the bullet when Locke's camp gets attacked...Fun shit to be had, and remember that Lost has moved to TEN o'clock after the premiere of the dreadful Grey's Anatomy.

AND, to geek out some more, here's some other fascinating dope about the upcoming episodes. I'm not revealing any HUGE spoilers, (deaths or anything) but if you're super sensitive to knowing ANYTHING before hand, then stop reading right NOW.

The main news I'm going to report is listing the guest characters who will be making an appearance and there are some major surprises. I've already mentioned in another post that never aging Other Richard Alpert is back for at least ONE known episode, but the most interesting news I've heard is: Seth Norris, the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815, last seen in the pilot episode where he was killed by the smoke monster, will make a return! Actor Greg Grunberg, now best known as the fat, mind-reading cop on "Heroes" has reportedly been on the Lost set filming, what we are guessing to be, flashback scenes involving his character!! This has been pretty much confirmed, as has the rumors that Sun's daddy, billionaire automaker Mr Paik will make a return in a flashforward, AND the funeral director seen in last season's final episode presiding over a funeral attended by Jack, where we never learned the identity of the corpse, has filmed scenes as well. There's also a rumor that Dominic Monaghan's Charlie may be making another ghostly appearance, but at this point, it's a very vague sort of rumor.

And lastly, the fine folks at Hawaii Blog have reported that they are currently filming the homecoming of the Oceanic 6 which includes a huge number of extras, a major press conference scene and the presense of Lost family members like Hurley's parents, (Lillian Hunt and Cheech Marin) and Jack's mom, (Veronica Hamel). Last week, Hawaii Blog also reported the filming of another major scene involving all of the Oceanic Six which is believed to have been a scene involving a memorial service for Dr Christian Shephard, Jack's mysterious, drunken dad. For all of Hawaii Blog Lost related postings, go here:

I'm done geeking out, now...back to your regularly scheduled programming.

oh, the top photo is an official Lost publicity pix from ABC from tonite's episode.
The Seth Norris picture is a screen capture I got off the Lostpedia site:

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