Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mr Rudd

I watched "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" last night and one of the best things in the movie was a brief appearance by the Beatles. Justin Long as George and Jason Schwartzman as Ringo were very funny and had the characters down; the irritating Jack Black was a completely unconvincing Paul McCartney but the major revelation was Paul Rudd as John Lennon. He had the look, the voice, the timing. He's an amazing comedic actor and he needs bigger, better roles in films. Too often, he's the sidekick guy to bigger name actors or the bland, George Brentish male lead to bigger female stars.

And he's humpy.

I think this picture originated from Rolling Stone; I've had it saved to my desktop for a very long time and have forgotten where it came from; my apologies.

Oh, and "Walk Hard" was ok. John C Reilly was brilliant, the songs were actually good, and they did a great job with the sets and costumes. But the movie is never that funny; at best you smile at it, but never laugh out loud. And I thought the direction was lazy; there were some strange camera set ups and a lazy point of view.
A little disappointing.

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