Thursday, April 10, 2008

Top 50 Comedy Sketches

The websites Nerve and IFC have compiled a list of the 50 greatest comedy sketches of all time, complete with links and clips. I think there's waaaaaay too much Saturday Night Live on here, (does anyone really think that the Greek Diner sketch, "hamburger, hamburger, chip, chip, coke, no pepsi" sketch was that great?)not enough SCTV and Carol Burnett and they completely ignore both The League of Gentlemen and Little Britain. (But I'm pleased to see that they have a Catherine Tate clip on here.)

But they smartly have quite a lot of Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, Upright Citizens Brigade and Mr Show on there, as well.

Do you recognize the picture and can you name the sketch?

I think I prefer "Dirty Vicar" and "The Cheeseshop" and "Dennis Moore" and...

go here to check it out:

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