Friday, April 11, 2008

Jenn Porreca

Jenn Porreca is an urban folklore artist based in San Francisco. Claiming marked influences from European silhouette and folklore artists of the early 1900s, literature, San Francisco Street Art, Manga and Art Nouveau, she paints a delicate world of intricately layered folklore. Born in England to a tombstone mason mother and classical musician father, her childhood was richly steeped creative technique and mastery. She spent her early years living and learning in places like Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and found herself in San Francisco with nothing but a backpack and British passport at the young age of 21.

from her website:

Jenn Porreca has been painting away, and will be presenting her new pieces in two upcoming exhibits: a group show at Distinction Gallery, and at Heavy Hitterz in Manila (as in the capital of the Philippines!)
from Juxtapoz:

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