Monday, January 28, 2008

Derby the cat is home, safe and sound!

My neighbors lost their cat Derby last Sunday morning when we had our break-in. In all the confusion, the little brat got outside and ran away and for nearly a week, Phil and Sonja plastered the neighborhood with posters and flyers and spent hours out searching for him in the cold. To be honest, after three days, I figured he had either been eaten by a coyote or frozen to death in the sub-freezing weather we've been having. Happily, someone who lived only a couple blocks away from us, saw Derby early Saturday morning and called Phil who rushed over to get him. Other than being very hungry, he was apparently in good shape, so other than the fractured nerves of his owners, for once a missing pet story has a happy ending....

I don't have a picture of Derby, but he's a Bengal so I found a cute picture of one on Google, which looks NOTHING like Derby who has a very unusual face...he looks like a Flintstone's kind of cat...a very, very low and protruding a Cro-Magnon cat, but really cute. I think the picture I have posted is of a wild Bengal cat and not the domesticated kind, but this one captures the essense of Derby better than the pictures of the domestics.

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Phil said...

That looks like an Asian Leopard Cat kitten. Those are crossed with a domestic cat, and several generations later, you have a Bengal.

Here's Derby.

He looks and moves a lot like this Bengal being taught dog tricks.